The most popular form of Influencer Marketing is using Celebrities to endorse or recommend products. Film stars and Sports persona garner the maximum attention


Everything is not perfect and pink in the land of social media advertising. Over-population of ads, intrusive feeds, false claims etc. have made people lose trust in advertising itself. Then how does one get people to believe ads and buy products. This is where Influencer Marketing in. 

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Customers generally prefer the "time and tested "approach when buying products. In such cases, users who have tried products, give reviews of the product, thereby acting as the influencers. Video testimonials are usually portrayed to lend credibility to the recommendation.

Celebrity Influence

The most popular form of Influencer Marketing is using Celebrities to endorse or recommend products. Film stars and Sports persona garner the maximum attention from users and act as influencers. Their endorsements definitely have a say in brand selection.

Blogger Influence

Bloggers have become the latest encyclopaedia of knowledge. Their content is reckoned with by the users as a credible source of information. So bloggers act as influencers, prevailing upon the audience to act on their advice and buy the product or use the service. 

Expert Influence

The verdict of a recognized expert in the particular field endorsing the product has a definite bearing on the user. For instance, a reputed doctor's opinion on a pain balm carries weight and so does the advice of a leading beautician for a fairness cream.

Modes Of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is targeted at the influencers and not the target audience directly. The task of influencing the customers and making them buy the product falls on the influencer. It is totally left to the influencer to persuade or dissuade the user from buying the product.

Strategies Of Influencer Marketing

Finding the foremost influencers Depending upon your geography and demographics, locate the most influential people on social media. This can be done using Appinions or SocMetics.

Identifying an influencer will alone not suffice. It is imperative that we strike a good rapport with him/her. This can be easily done by mentioning the influencer in the social media post or blogs. This will easily win the influencer's favour. 

Furnishing content to the influencer provide content to the influencer in the form he considers most convenient like .pdf for text or .png for images, audio, video etc. This will make it easier for the influencer to use it in his posting on social media.

Make it easy for the influencer to access all your content so that they can integrate it into their social media posts. Use online tools like Social Chorus to distribute information or implement employee advocacy.

What Is The Risk In Influencer Marketing?

Unlike Traditional Marketing, Influencer Marketing yields unpredictable results as everything rests ultimately in the hands of the influencer. The Influencer may choose to give positive or negative feedback about the product or service. Small or large, every business thrives on Influencer Marketing. Structure your strategy for Influencer Marketing carefully to yield definite and positive results.

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