All About Voice Search and How It's Helping Seo

All About Voice Search and How It's Helping SEO

All About Voice Search and How It's Helping Seo

Probably the best and worst thing about the future is you'll never know what will happen, but you can predict, one such prediction is the dominance of voice search, even by its initial stages in 2011 many experts have concluded that voice search will dominate the overall search game in the upcoming years, but it seemed like a long time coming however in the past couple of years had been an indicator that the foretold time may have arrived, but before we delve deep into that subject, we need to know about voice search.


What is Voice Search?

Voice search uses speech recognition technology to identify search queries with acute precision and generate results, rather than the conventional mode of typing and scrolling through Webpages, voice search is a convenient alternative search method, voice dialing and text to speech are the early examples of voice search.

Every smart device nowadays are embedded with voice assistance programs like Google assistant, apple's Siri and amazon's Alexa, moreover 2 in 6 of the world population now owns a smart speaker because it is easy to speak to a digital assistant than typing in vain.

And nearly 40% of the adults use voice search once per day and due to its prolific use, search engines like Google are making voice search optimization prominent.


Traditional SEO vs Voice SEO

Our ability to keep track of changes in technology is slower than the actual changes in the technology, so if you want your website optimized properly for the voice search to generate more site traffic and to stay up-to-date with the modern changes, you'll need to first understand the differences between traditional SEO and voice search SEO.

When typing we use short phrases to find information to save physical effort but during voice search we use complete phrases which sound more natural and we use our smartphones more often than computers so when on motion, voice command is easier than typing, unlike typing voice search focuses on contextual relevance of the user's query while typing relies on keywords, that means voice search SEO doesn't involve keyboard stuffing but focuses on relevant pieces of content that are easily identifiable.

With that being said let's look at some of the ways you can optimize your website for voice search.

Besides voice search you must also see the latest trends of SEO.


1. Speak, Write, Repeat

As earlier said, search queries in voice search sounds more natural and uses long and complete sentences, just like how we speak normally and to optimise your site's content based on that you have use long tail keywords that sound natural and importantly observe how searches are performed using voice search and optimize your content based on that, use simple words and short sentences that is relevant and provide valuable information which will increase your organic results rank.


2. Faster the Better

Google favours websites which load faster, websites speed is a vital factor in Google's algorithm, if your website loads faster than the others then it will appear considerable at search results list, you can achieve this by decreasing your server's response time, compressing files and utilizing website cache to improve page speed.


3. Going Local

According to a report nearly 22% of the voice search is for local based content and information, people often use the word "near me" when they search for an particular business or services, claiming and optimization Google my business listing might be a great way to be found when someone from your locality performs a voice search relevant to your business.


To Conclude

The above are the most prominent methods you can optimise your site for the upcoming voice search revolution and there is reason it's called upcoming because there is still time to optimise for voice search and now is the good time to do that to stay ahead in the competition and to prepare yourselves for the uprising of voice search.