Dmwf Global 2019 - Digital Marketing World Forum


The unstable nature of the digital world may implement some firm doubts in the digital society but to tackle the challenges in the digital future, The Worldwide Digital Marketing community gathers at the #DMWF aka Digital Marketing World Forum 2019 is to be held at London on 23rd and 24th of May and the most intriguing part is the host of global brand speakers and case studies that will present the latest trends and strategies within the digital marketing world, with that being said let's look at the overview of the agendas of #DMWF Global 2019.

The Main Topics For DMWF Global 2019 Include:

1. Content, Social Media and Influencer Marketing

The contemporary digital marketing scheme is evolving at an neckbreaking pace that can be overwhelming to keep up and adapting to changes accordingly that is beneficial and influential to the propitious future your company seeks, anticipating and materialising changes and trends is the initial step in any digital marketing strategy, according to a recent informal poll nearly 45 % of the companies in the survey did not have a digital marketing plan, that means they don't know the importance of an digital strategy, if you are one of these companies then the digital marketing world Forum will give expert's persuasion on why digital marketing strategy is important for your business as they covers various subject matters like brand storytelling, video and ephemeral content, social listening, chatbot strategies and power of micro influencers.

2. Data and Disruptive Tech

Technologies advancements provided us with amazing information and knowledge but it is still far away from coaching how people communicate, think and behave, nowadays customers are empowered in doing their own research on determining the value of an brand, as chatbot, AI and VR are slowly impacting the customer experience, this digital marketing exhibition will also provide experts opinions on the future of customer journey, customer privacy & data marketing and the influence of SEO and voice strategy on the customer's experience.

3. Digital Transformation & Strategy

The main objective of the Digital Marketing world Forum is providing a gameplan for tomorrow, whether it be an ongoing trend or an upcoming trend that is gradually in development and the nature of innovation in the digital world is going to be the centerpiece in this year's #DMWF Global which will address the industry shortcomings in digital convergence which will emerge as an focalpoint in the overall consumer experience that will shape an brands mode of conduct towards the digital strategy, unlike the last 10 years this year's #DMWF conference will touch the new era of digital marketing as the gathering of digital marketing intellects decrypt the confronts that lies ahead in the future which will determine a brand's stability towards its future and the increasing level of sophisticated consumer base that is growing smarter everyday and also delve the possible obstacles that the companies with outdated strategies and tactics might will face in the future, simply put, this conference is not to be missed.

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