Why Twitter Is Not Popular As Facebook In India ?

Why Twitter Is Not Popular As Facebook | twitter popularity

Why Twitter Is Not Popular As Facebook In India ?


Twitter is a popular social media channel that enjoys much clout even among politicians and Prime Ministers. Still, it ranks sixth among the popular social media channels in India. Let us look at the reasons.


Twitter is thrifty on its character count               

Twitter allows just 140 characters in its posts. This is far too less for us Indians. We Indians have a habit of rambling on endlessly on any topics. So we find this character count too less to express.


Even the bio is brief                    

Twitter allows only 200 characters for describing oneself. This is hardly enough to depict one's character. If a person wants to know who he or she is connecting to, this bio is insufficient to judge him.


Twitter searches are unproductive                                                            

Searching more information on a person on Twitter is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Twitter does not have exhaustive filters like Facebook which clearly funnel the data city, town and even school wise. Furthermore, the feature of naming themselves funnily exists on Twitter. Only on Twitter can we have #RamboRajini or #ChicLatha whom we have no clue of?


Picky on photos                                       

Twitter allows us to upload only one photo at a time. In contrast, imagine the hundreds of photos we can upload on a FB album.


No game apps to support                                      

FB has Candy Crush Saga and Criminal Case to support and play on but Twitter is not much fun on that count. There is not a single game you can play using Twitter!


No checking in                                 

With FB, you can boast of being here, there and everywhere by checking into that spot. This specifically applies to the female audience. With Twitter, this is just not possible.


Not for the common man                                             

Twitter is generally favored by the illustrious personalities and politicians, film stars and celebrities in India. This creates a general feeling that Twitter is not for the common man.According to Top sites in India, Twitter is the 14th most visited site in India and according to Alexa, the 12th most visited website globally. Let us hope it comes up with new features to find more following in India.