Landing pages are the crucial part of Online Marketing. In today's scenario, marketers are not only using them but are trying their best to use it to the optimum level for a better performance.


How much time do you spend optimizing your landing page? Are you even looking at the conversion rates?  Landing pages are the crucial part of Online Marketing. In today's scenario, marketers are not only using them but are trying their best to use it to the optimum level for a better performance.

So What Is A Landing Page?

A landing page is a page on your site where your potential audience land on clicking your website link, whose sole purpose is to convert visitors into leads. Landing pages are helpful as they provide information directly related to the advertisement selected by the viewer. Clients arrive on a landing page by following links from Best Website Development Company In Chennai, social media, email, etc. and, the organizations try to convert this initial interest into a sale using either reference or transactional landing pages.

Following are proven statistical data as to why it is essential to have a landing page for your Marketing Campaigns.

68% of B2B businesses use Landing pages to gain new sales:

32%of the B2B use contact form to generate business, which means they don't rely on landing pages.

The landing page is arguably the most important part of any lead generation campaign.

44% Of Clicks For B2B Companies Are Directed To A Homepage:

When using an advertisement or offer, the click should be directed to the landing page. Factors like poor message match, too many interaction points etc. will lead to lower conversions if they are first time visitor to your website.

62% Of B2B Companies Have Six Or Fewer Total Landing Pages: 

Fewer landing pages not only reduces lead generation but also affects the SEO.  More isn't always better. More the number, the more opportunities to get found and gain leads.

48% Of Landing Pages Contain Multiple Offers:

This is a big no-no. The first rule for a landing page is to have one offer per page. Multiple offers decrease conversion as much as 266%. A landing page should focus on one thing to accomplish one specific goal.

16% Of Landing Pages Don't Have Navigation:

Never give reasons for people to leave your page. Converting visitors to leads is the main reason landing pages exist Seo Service Provider In Chennai 

Only 50% Of Companies Have Mobile-Optimized Landing Pages: 

A significant percentage of conversions arise from the use of mobile devices. In fact, they can optimize the website, three times by increasing the conversions by 5%

Videos Can Increase Conversions By 86%:

It is no secret that videos are extremely effective. Do you have a quick explainer video or a testimony? Why wait? Quickly embed it on your landing page as they are effective at increasing engagement.

More Landing Pages, More Conversions: 

A company which has 10-15 landing pages generates 55% of the leads than companies with fewer landing pages. More landing pages will give you more opportunities, a variety of visitors and more helpful collaterals.

1-Second Delay In Your Site Speed Can Result In A 7% Reduction in Conversions: 

A major contributing factor to page abandonment is the loading time. Page loading time is obviously an important part of a website's user experience.  People often tend to leave a website, if they don't load instantly.

90% Of The visitor Who Read Your Headline Also Read Your CTA Copy:

Headline plays an important role in increasing conversions. The main key for any webpage is to get the visitors to read your headline. If the headline is not catchy or attention-grabbing, visitors won't make it any further.

Compelling Headline:

As already said, the headline has to be attention-grabbing. It takes only 8 seconds to make a compelling headline. Online attention spans are shorter than ever. Hence, the headline is the important piece of any page.

A/B Testing:

Few things are worth the try. This is a widely used direct mail fundraising tactic to track the engagement of the users. One of the statistics says that A/B testing helped President Obama raise an additional of 60 million $. 

A good landing page needs to be flawless, else your business is bound to suffer Learn more about the designing of the landing page.

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