Pinterest is a great source for referral traffic almost every pin links back to the original source which direct them to website to drive sales and ROI.


Social media today is flooded with brand traffic, popular posts, viral videos, webinars and more. Customers are at times irritated with the intrusive social traffic that gets into their social feeds. Sometimes social media users have a feeling that "they are literally being stalked!" Now the social media marketer is in a fix-to populate or to convert?

Should We Populate?

This is a billion dollar question but rightly asked. The answer is no way simple but clear in understanding. The objective of populating social media with your posts and feeds is to gain attention and priority on social searches. To do this, one should not shamelessly pestering users with promotion. The trick is to time and position it right. Talking to users day-in, day-out only about your brand or product is nauseating. Try to strike a balance- talk general for a day or two, give valuable insights about media scenario, create awareness and then pitch your product infrequently but at the right time.

Evaluate when you r user would be receptive to receive your posts - is it on a sunday when he is free or on a Monday –when he is raring to go? Do not sell your stuff constantly on your feeds. After all, the user has joined the social network only to escape the grind and unwind. Don't make him back off from you by blocking you in fear of your persistent posting. The final solution to the question - "Should we populate?" is-"yes, but be fair and few" would be the right answer!

How To Convert Buy Populating Social Media?

Conversion is the main objective of any media campaign. While avoiding over-population, try to fill the various social media networks like Facebook,Twitter,SnapChat, Instagram or Pinterest with the right mix of content and images. Choose to distribute the content wisely in the various networks. Try to customise your content for each network and grab the attention of the audience by your media techniques. Each network has its nuances and be sure to learn and use them aptly. Don't use your feeds only to add links to your posts. This makes your posts boring and mundane.

Be Image Wise

Pictures grab the attention of the public. Choose your images wisely and overlay them with content that is not only creative but cogent as well. With the media boom on Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat, let your images impress and intrigue the audience.

Try to enlighten the audience with informative content, quiz them on their opinions, gain their feedback - in short make your posts interactive. Try to convert your customer by approaching him rightly after making adequate research about him using data analytic tools. Try to involve influencers in the population-conversion process. Guest post on influencer's blogs or add links of the influencer's blogs in your posts. In this way, you can build a constructive rapport with the influencers. This can later help you to gain their confidence in you .In turn, they will promote your brand automatically leading to effective conversion. Use the above tips in effectively using population as a means of conversion. Population of social media is a definite means to convert but over population like familiarity, breeds contempt. So populate right and convert best! Good luck!