There Are 6 Stages of Web Development in Service in Google


The modern era is an era of internet. If we talk about the business then it's a must to have your online presence to spread your business globally even sitting in your office. A lot of tools are existing to advertise and promote a business. Websites are one of the most effective tools among them. Having a website makes it easy for people to find you and do business with you. It also establishes your business's  credibility. But having a website isn't it sufficient enough until you work with proper planning. Website development is an essential part of the success of your business. today we will talk about the six important phases of Best Website Development Company In Chennai.

1. Information Gathering :

This is the first and most important part for developing a website. If you are planning to develop a website then first you should have all the information beforehand. By information I mean to say that you should make a list of the following:

  • What are goals of your project?
  • What is the purpose for the website?
  • Who are the audience?
  • What content they will be interested in?

2. Planning List:

Now comes the next phase and that is to make a planning list. Whatever information you gather in the first phase now is the time to make a planning list of that information. It will prove to be a perfect guide for your website. It'll make your choices and decision making easy. You'll be able to take the right measures to meet your goals.

3. Designing:

A website should have its own identity so that it looks different from others. To serve this purpose it should have an appealing logo. A logo should be such that it showcases your business relevantly. Designing a Template also comes in designing section. You can either design your template in Photoshop or there are many Template clubs featuring good templates to buy.

4. Development:

After designing it's time to develop pages for the website. The most important is the index page as it serves as the navigational page for your website. It should have strong and eye catching content for your clients. It will have Logo running behind. It leads to other pages as per the needs of your business like they can have products' pictures, clients testimonials, shopping cart, content forms and payments gateway.

5. Testing :

In this phase, the most important thing is to do navigation testing. the website should be checked if it's feasible in desktop, mobiles, laptops, and tablets. All links, web forms and  payment gateways need to be checked properly. Cross-browser and Cross-Platform testing to be done for different screen resolutions. After getting through this phase your website can go live for your clients.

6. Maintenance:

The last phase is of maintenance. It's really important to take backups of your website regularly. It should be updated on a regular basis. Updating the software and themes is an important part of this phase. If you will follow these six phases then surely you will upgrade your business and get the global clients too.

To maintain a website a list of simple, easy to use tools are available. Check out to know more about the tools.