How to grow your business with Instagram Marketing?

Instagram has nearly 1 billion active users and its growth is at a fast rate with new updates coming very often. This is the hottest social media platform now.

How to grow your business with Instagram Marketing?


Instagram has nearly 1 billion active users . It is a growing social media channel with new features being added frequently. Most people use Instagram for posting on social media but some make money out of it too. Here is how instagrammers make money.


Becoming an Affiliate

A rewarding way to make money on Instagram is to become an Affiliate Marketer. Refer and endorse products to your social contacts. If one of them buys the product after your Instagram post, you get a commission. Easy and simple, this referral can be done using a promo code or a link. Since Instagram does not allow links on images, it is best to use a promo code.

Amazon's Affiliate Program is one of the most popular platforms that help you make money on Instagram. Becoming an Affiliate Marketer is a sure way to acquire sales and earn money on Instagram.


Becoming an Influencer

Airbnb took viewers to Paris where their guest asked viewers to write down their fears as paper butterflies. The viewer's comments were really taken live and released as butterflies into the Parisian sky.

If you have a considerable following on Instagram, you can become an Influencer. Use your fan base to endorse or enlighten about products. If your audience respects you, they will definitely value your opinion. Cash in on this influencing nature of yours by sponsoring brands that your followers might be interested in and earn money. Posting on these brands creates awareness and augments your opinion value.

Such experiences involving the viewers live made this campaign fantastic, emerging a global winner. Nearly 6 million people participated in this Airbnb experience in the first 24 hours.


Selling your photos and albums

If you are an enterprising photographer or a creative graphic designer, you can sell your attractive photos on Instagram. Sites like Behance, Twenty20 or 500px help you to popularize your photo portfolio.


Selling your account

In the world of online marketing, your target audience is worth its weight in gold. Brands are looking for niche segments of audiences to market their products. They are ready to buy your account in order to capture the audience and pitch their product. Sites like Fameswap or Viral accounts support on this.

Now that you have picked up the pointers to make money on Instagram, go ahead and explore the possibilities of turning them into reality.

Instagram is the hottest social media platform now. Know the facts that prove instagram is the future of social media.