E-mail is a valuable tool for businesses to open up conversations, elicit interest, create awareness, induce promotion and reaffirm brand loyalty


Writing e-mail has become second nature to most of us. Subject, main text, closing, attachment- this is what we type on in robotic fashion. But have you ever thought of how effective your e-mail is? Was it skimmed, surfed, studied or just tossed aside? E-mail is a valuable tool for digital marketing and serves to open up conversations, elicit interest, create awareness, induce promotion and reaffirm brand loyalty.                                   

Short Is Sweet For Sentences                                    

A long-winded e-mail with heavy jargon gets you nowhere. Complex words and lengthy phrases just make your e-mail boring.Your customer does not want to scroll down pages website development service in chennai of text to get the message. Write like a 3rd grader with short and simple sentences that work best.Even if it is a professional letter, try to make it plain and simple unless absolutely necessary.                                

A Triple-Worded Subject

Never leave your subject line empty and make sure that the subject consists of just 3-4 words. Make the subject crisp and clear. Use hard-hitting words that make an impact for the subject because it is the subject that finally decides the place of your mail -in the outbox or bin.   

Be Positive                                 

Let your e-mail be rightly optimistic.Add a compliment, comment or word of appreciation. Positive mails get profuse responses. 

Give An Emotional Touch                                    

E-mails cut ice with clients only when they tend to be a bit personalized.Try to lend the right emotion to your mail.Be it just a greeting, a thank -you or something more- try to express it genuinely. Let your mail not look like the same boring epistle mundane people write.

Any Questions?                                    

Mails with questions evoke a better response forcing the reader to answer absolutely. Try to capture the customer's interest by best seo services in chennai posing a leading question which he is compelled to answer.                                      

Images Speak                                       

E-mails to customers augur great results only when embedded with colourful images. A product launch letter, promotional letter, newsletter or sales pitch- whatever the e-mail may address, it gets the best response only when it is with pretty pictures.                             

Size It Right                                        

The best body length of an e-mail is supposed to be 50-120 words.E-mail marketing is not all about lengthy e-mails but effective ones. Try to fit your content into 120 words using the right words and approach.                                     

Attach The Numbers                                      

Do not bore your client with product specifications, statistics or figures in the body of the text. Include them as attachments to be viewed or downloaded at leisure.                                       

Sign Off In Style                                       

In contrast to popular belief, a good old "thank you" fetches much more than any other sign-offs. Even "cheers"or "regards" come second and third. Better still; make your signing off stylish reflecting your unique self. The customer will not definitely forget you.  E-mail marketing is the most profitable digital marketing channel.Find tips to optimize your e-mail marketing messages.