email marketing strategy to grow your email list to optimizing your emails for success


Have you ever sent emails to market your products, announce upcoming events, share news, or just about any other type of emails that go out to more than one recipient? Then this guide is for you.

You'll find tips in this blog to help you optimize your email marketing messages. This guide covers everything from planning an email marketing strategy to grow your email list to optimizing your emails for success.

Email marketing is the most profitable digital marketing channel. If you're brand new to email marketing, then you will get help to start and attain the results you want.

Email is the most personal form of digital marketing. Social media comes and goes. If we're connected via email, we can be connected for a long time.

1. Target the right audience:

Doesn't matter how many people are getting your mail and opening it, if they are not your targeted audience then your email marketing will go in vain. The first thing towards successful email marketing is to target the right audience. You divide your subscribers according to their gender, age, geography, occupation, preferences or so. With this information in mind, you'll be able to target the right audience with the right content and to boost your sales.

2. Create a landing page and Opt-In form:

Here are a few questions which you can ask yourself to have a clear insight for your landing page and opt-in form.

a. Who do you want?

Without a clear and detailed understanding of who you want, you can’t craft a strong message to spark interest and gain trust among customers.

Take time to figure out who you want on your list in terms of your ultimate goal, which is likely to be moving enough of them to customer or client. Then only you will convey your message in their language with your opt-in copy.

b. What do you want them to do?

Your email opt-in page has one goal — to get people to sign up to your email list.

That means create a page so focused on the opt-in that you take an approach that’s different from your normal site design.

Remember this while creating opt-in - One page, one action. That’s it.

c. What are the essential elements:

You absolutely must have:

1.   The headline: You’ve got to instantly catch attention with your headline.

2.   The benefits: You’ve got to tell the benefits in fascinating bullet points.

3.   The call to action: You’ve got to encourage people to sign-up.

4.   The opt-in form: You’ve got to have a way for them to sign-up.

5.    The Proof: Some subscribers, subscriber testimonials, reviews and media mentions, etc should be there.

d. What incentive should you give?

It's always been a smart tactic to offer an up-front incentive to convince people to sign up for your list. Make people realize that you're giving more than you're taking, and they'll happily stay with you much longer.

e. How much information should you ask for?

You must have noticed while subscribing that we subscribe more where we are being asked to fill email id only. This one’s easy. The fewer information you ask for, the more people sign up.

 f. What works better?

Changes to headlines, button colors, and other tiny tweaks can make a big difference to your opt-in rate.

3. Automate your email marketing:

If you want to build an email list, you'll need to use certain tools and services to automate certain tasks. You need to keep track of your subscribers, send out automated responses, schedule your messages, and manage your subscriptions. You can't handle all of these jobs manually. Professional services make it simple to automate a large portion of your email marketing. Using an email service lets you perform many tasks quickly and helps you stick to a schedule.

4. Unsubscribe link:

Remember, send email to only those who opted for it. It is safe to double opt-inn where subscribers have to verify that they signed in. Have a clear unsubscribe link in all your messages.

5. Tricks to grow your list:

•   Pay-per-click ads on Google or Facebook can be effective for sending traffic to your landing page.

•   Tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn posts, and other social media platforms are great ways to get more traffic.

•   Post blogs about topics that your audience is searching for with a link to your landing page or an opt-in form.

•  Use videos with blogs to rank in the search engines and send traffic to your landing page.

6. Create a newsletter:

  An email newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with your subscribers. It builds credibility for your brand. You can decide how much to include in your newsletter and how often to send it. Even sending it once in a month can do wonders for your business.

7. Send regular messages:

Only sending a newsletter monthly is not sufficient you should also send messages regularly to keep you fresh in your subscribers'; minds. Even a paragraph about what you've been up to and what you're planning is a way to stay in touch. You can also link them to your blog, social media posts, and other content.

8. Personalise messages:

Personalise your messages to increase open rates and conversion. People generally prefer to receive messages that are directed at them as individuals rather than generic subscribers. Most email marketing services allow you to address subscribers by name in your messages.

9. Email segmentation:

Email segmentation allows you to send the most relevant and targeted information to your customers. If you sell a variety of products or services, it's helpful to create separate lists for different categories. You can segment subscribers based on location, gender, past buying behaviour or it can be in numerous other ways of your choice.

10. Testing results:

You can track your result by performing split testing. It is also called as A/B testing. It gives way to improve your results in many areas. For example, you may get better results by changing your subject lines or by covering different topics. Your open rates may increase by sending out your messages on different days of the week or at different times. When choosing an email marketing service, you should also look for one that offers robust analytics so you can track your results and make changes accordingly.

Email marketing is a proven way to generate leads and customers.  While it takes time to build a large and responsive email list, if you do everything step-by-step, it's quite manageable. Focus on reaching the right audience, use the most effective marketing tools and services, and deliver relevant content to your subscribers. If you do these things consistently, you'll find that your email list becomes more profitable every year.

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