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B2B marketers are working across multiple channels and content but email marketing still stands out as the most powerful and cost effective among all other channels. A successful email marketing is a key component in deriving consumers, B2B on past is based on sales funnel but today it is about interaction and personalized communication and service.


1. Personalized approach:

Personalized emails can attract potential customers by creating relevant content, identify the consumer and their role in the marketplace this can be achieved by data attributes. Target them with a content that is relevant and compelling and a service that is personal.


2. Valuable collateral:

Offer the customers collateral or valuable that will gain their trust, give them something that will make them offer you the sales hike you require like top ten list, infographic survey results, product sheets and comparison guides and professional articles.


3. Social channels:

Connecting your social sites within your email template to achieve a closer connection and a way to connect with business other than your email, provide offer or special promotions across all channels so you can reach as many consumers as possible.


4. Targeted content:

Messaging on the right time is everything, understand the mentality of the customer, messages can be both targeted or broad based on that factor but targeted messaging is the right approach for a more personal level of service.It can be designed to elicit a response from specific group, producing content that's caters to the needs of the customer will translate into improved sales and customer satisfaction.


5. Trigger based:

Make your mails responsive as it talking with a person, make it easy for the customer to understand your goals by making the emails on point, to gain their attention focus on the header more your banner attractive and simple.Send an welcome email when the customer is at the initial stage and keep the dialogue ongoing with newsletters and promotional campaigns and make the ' buy ' , ' subscribe ' , ' download ebook ' buttons stand out.


6. Dynamic content:

Design a dynamic content that adapts to the needs, preference and interest of the customers, the goal is to deliver a engaging online experience to the user. Every user should get content based on their interactions and behaviours, Facebook is an best example for this.A web content with images or animations for user interaction can also be considered dynamic, dynamic can be a powerful marketing tool is it's compelling and visually appealing.

Few firms tend to think that B2B is primarily about direct and outbound techniques. Sending direct persuasive messages to buyers or the prospective clients. However, now B2B marketing cannot be limited to just this, since the behaviors of the buyers/clients has tremendously changed. After reading this article, we hope your view on email marketing has changed too.

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