WHAT IS Search Engine Optimization AND HOW DOES IT?


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process of increasing your websites rankings or visibility through various strategies which will directly or indirectly affect your position at the search engine rankings.

Meet Mr. SEO

To begin with let's say a particular user searches for a specific query like " top digital marketing agencies", the results that appear on the first page of Google is known as organic results and these are the most important part of any business website's performance and a critical component in the buyer funnel and anything that appears on the second or third page of Google is more likely non-existent that's why every site owner is beating their brains for that miraculous Seo service provider in chennai that will place them on top but this search query result is based on relevancy and ranking higher in organic results is what SEO is all about.

How Search Engines Work?

Basically, every time a user searches a particular query in Google uses an complex formula mechanism known as an Algorithm to crawl the entire world web to display websites that are relevant to that particular query, though this Algorithm consists of different criteria primarily Google looks for quality, trust authority in a Best Website Development Company In Chennai.

A website that provides quality content that is unique and useful that provides the users with the information they need, an authority website is a popular site that has a dedicated fanbase build through various elements and lastly a trustworthy website that has higher credibility. Now, you can devise and design SEO strategies based on any one of these algorithms or all of them to rank better in organic search results.

Different Shades of SEO

In real world, some rise to the top through manipulation tactics, enjoys the stay and then fade away while some with their constant hard work and efforts land on the top with a long lasting presence, the same goes for websites, some websites look for fast results without valuing customer connection while others build an empire of trust from scratch through their hard work.

Simply put,

Black Hat SEO

This type of SEO is based on optimising a site's content for the search engines without considering humans nor building a sustainable future for the site.

Using black hat SEO may provide fast results but the pages will be spammy or crappy that doesn't provide any values, Keyword stuffing, hidden text, Cloaking, doorway page and bait and switch are some of the unethical tactics used in black hat SEO.

Though back hat SEO provides faster results it comes with a price as many search engines penalize the act of SEO by filtering the rankings or reducing a site's rankings or simply just banning the whole site, but many of the developers are willing to take the risk considering the instant results.

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO on contrary provides human audiences with the best possible content that employs all the best practices in search engine optimization, though the results take a long time coming it is long lasting considering the genuine leads and customer prospects and importantly search engines won't penalize you for providing better content that is useful and valuable for the audience.

The primary categories of SEO are on-page and off-page SEO as the name suggests on page SEO involves optimizing elements that Rae directly looking at your page whereas off page SEO refers to the external factors of your site that is related to the Google, they are different but you'll Need strategically implement both of them in an effective manner to do well in SEO, to you give a better idea let's dive deeper.

On-Page SEO

Simply put optimising elements present on your website, this refers to both the content and HTML source code, the benefits are based on the end user experience, the longer the user stays on a site the better the experience will be common factors include title tags, head tags, meta description or basic factors like creating a quality content that stands out among others, to do that you need to start with keyword research, identify your targeted keywords and use them efficiently and effectively on your content and also constantly update your content and finally provide direct answers that users are looking for as it dictates your position on search results.

Off-Page SEO

Step outside from your website to understand off page SEO, likely refers to activities carried outside the boundaries of a site, off page provides a better Outlook about a site, a quality site will attract a lot of reference links from other site or mentions in social media platforms or bookmarked on communities, link building is effective off page SEO tactic, common ways to increase link counts are blog directories, comment links, shared content directories and link exchange scheme, to get better links is to provide link worthy content and social media profile is a proven way to boost SEO, create social media pages that reflects you brand value and increase engagement among audiences by posting regularly.

Final Word

To warp up, whatever the SEO strategies if it is done right it will be effective and create a sustainable future for your website and to do that you'll need to employ a best SEO agencies with a vast knowledge in this field.

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