Must Know Website Maintenance Tools

When it come to website maintenance, it's actually difficult to know where to start. Many business owners are in the urge of building a website and launching it.

Must Know Website Maintenance Tools


Gone are the days of climbing the stairs up and down at retail stores, hunting for the things you need to buy. Now at the flick of a wrist and the click of a mouse, your item is ordered and delivered at your doorstep. This is how online shopping works! Shopping on the internet using a mobile or desktop is called online shopping. Let us see how this is actually executed.


Choosing the product you need to buy

Having decided what you want to buy, you can search for the product online and check the competitive rates. Online websites and stores usually display attractive images of the product along with their product description and features. They mention the prices along with discounts and offers if any.


Buying the product

Once you decide that this is the site you wish to buy the product from, you register yourself on the site and create an account. This enables you to have your own shopping cart to add times too. Then you select the products at the mentioned prices and fix their quantity. Add these details to your shopping cart.


Payment for the product

Then select the mode of payment from the options available. Online sites offer various options like

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Payment Vendors like PayPal or Paytm

Choose any one option convenient to you and fill in your card details if you are paying through card. If you are paying through vendors like PayPal or Paytm, the amount is transferred safely without sharing your personal financial information.


Coupons and Promo Codes

Some online stores offer Coupons or Promo Codes to provide discounts to their customers. By using that coupon or typing the Promo Code in the cart, the customer can avail the discount. Some sites have loyalty programs for regular customers and offer extra discounts for these people.


Receiving the product

The delivery date is often mentioned on the site itself once you enter your address or pin code. If you need express delivery, you have to pay extra. This is also mentioned in the buying options.


Behind the scenes: The Ecommerce website is connected to a database driven by inventory. Your online purchase automatically updates the inventory and the database. This clearly shows the number of items left on the shelf before and after your purchase. Your order is processed electronically to the warehouse. There the items are packed and dispatched to your address accordingly.

Online shopping is easy and fun with many sites offering attractive discounts and much more options to choose from.

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