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The word "celebrity" has a pinch of star dust to it. It spreads a gleam of excitement in the reader's eyes. Celebrities are next to divine persona when it comes to their fans. This is why so much hype is attached to the word celebrity. 

Short is sweet for sentences                                          

 But being a celebrity is not an easy joke. Fans, media, press, and public have a lot of expectations from a celebrity. A Celebrity is expected to carry a significant social presence and also expected to participate and involve in current affairs. Stars are expected to comment aptly on subjects of importance and also share information on their interests, views and even private lives.                                       

 Usually the FB Pages of a celebrities are managed by a PR firm or Social Media Agency as they seldom have time to dabble in such mundane activities. Yet fan mail has to be replied to and fan requests have to be addressed. Regular updates have to be posted regarding the day-to-day activities of celebrities. All this is vital to maintain a social presence for the celebrity and maintain their market value.                                        

Now how to manage a FB Page for a celebrity?                                         

Establish a tone of voice                                       

 Every celebrity has a unique personality. This should reflect in the tone of voice of the FB page of the celebrity. If the celebrity has a dominant persona, his FB page can have an assertive tone of voice. If the celebrity wants to be more public-friendly, then the FB Page can have a more casual and friendly tone of voice.

Maintain the social presence                                           

The celebrity's presence has to be actively maintained in the social media. This can be accomplished in the following manner.                                                                                       

Posting content daily on the Celebrity's Page Fans need to be in touch with their idols on a daily basis. Posting content daily keeps the Celebrity status up to date. The content posted daily could be comments on the day's happenings, random thoughts or an insight into the famous person's daily routine.       

Posting on the private life of the celebrity Fans, media and public are always inquisitive about the other life of the star- their private life. Some quick looks into the star's home, their wardrobe or some snaps of their leisure or sport activities would help.                                          

Caution must be exercised while posting about a star's personal details. The details revealed should not be controversial or damaging to the star's reputation.

Posting or Tweeting unexpectedly

The surprise element always enhances a celebrity's market value. Post suddenly when the fans or public least expects the celebrity to do so. This will give the media hype the celebrity requires.                                     

Posting behind-the scenes                                      

"Behind the scene" actions are fondly looked forward to by fans. Posting behind- the- scene views reveals a lot about the star- their hard work, their true nature, their attitude etc.

Following a storyline                                       

 Some celebrities would like their posts to follow a storyline or sequence. Posting such a narrative requires some planning and careful execution.                                   

 Be fan-friendly                                          

Some people would just die to have an audience and your celebrity already has one! Try to maintain the fan base by regularly responding to the fan mail, acknowledging their suggestions and feedback, acceding to their requests whenever possible and commenting suitably. Always compliment the fans for their active interest in the celebrity.

Maintain an editorial calendar                                        

Always maintain an editorial calendar readily available to post for future events. Employ the above techniques to manage the FB page for your star and watch the Celebrity's FB Page gain momentum in social media                                      

Sign off in style                                           

In contrast to popular belief, a good old "thank you" fetches much more than any other sign-offs. Even "cheers" or "regards" come second and third. Better still; make you're signing off stylish reflecting your unique self. The customer will not definitely forget you.

 Twitter is a popular social media channel that enjoys much clout even among politician and ministers.