The 2017 Facebook Awards are in! It’s time to celebrate the winners.There are 6 six categories depicted by emoticons- Laugh, Cry, Love, Wow and Act


The 2017 Facebook Awards are in! It's time to celebrate the winners. There are 6 six categories depicted by emoticons- Laugh, Cry, Love, Wow and Act.                             

We are Here                                      

Airbnb created a magical experience for viewers with its Facebook Campaign -"We are here". 

On November 17, Airbnb launched "Trips on Airbnb". Using a novel approach, Airbnb allowed viewers to participate in real life experiences by going live at 16 real life events. The viewer's comments went live to the spot of the event and was magically incorporated into it.      

Airbnb took viewers to Paris where their guest asked viewers to write down their fears as paper butterflies. The viewer's comments were really taken live and released as butterflies into the Parisian sky.Viewers were taken to Tokyo for a make-over event where their comments encouraged the artists and were recorded as graffiti on the walls. Next they were taken to Cape Town where they pledged to save the ocean.                             

Such experiences involving the viewers live made this campaign fantastic, emerging a global winner. Nearly 6 million people participated in this Airbnb experience in the first 24 hours. 

Gone Girl                                         

This Campaign focused on trafficking of girls in India for the NGO Justice and Care.  Aiming at creating awareness on the hapless victims of sexual trafficking in India, this Campaign moved millions with its touching video on Facebook and emerged a Global Winner.Nearly 21 million victims were subjected to trafficking in India this past year. In every 8 minutes, a girl goes missing in India. Justice and Care has rescued 4500 girls and helped the police make 900 arrests and prosecute 300 cases. Facebook Creative Shop created a Carousel Ad and a Video link Ad for them.Falling under the "Cry" category, these moving videos made viewers weep and captured the winner's slot in the Facebook Awards.                                  


This campaign on Facebook by the NGO Sandy hook Promise was so popular that it was adopted by the US Homeland Security as a training tool. Sandy Hook Promise aims at preventing gun violence in schools. It conveyed the message that gun violence can be prevented if you look for signs. The captivating video shows how easily the signs that identify the possible assaulters are missed.With a staggering 100 million views , Evan really emerged a clear winner in the Facebook Awards 2017.                                                                               


Targeted at Australia's audience, #comeonin is an ad campaign directed to bringing the Sydney public into the Opera house in summer.Summer is usually a time when people stay outdoors. #comeonin aimed at luring visitors into the Sydney Opera House during summer.With 8.2 million visitors, the Sydney Opera House is the most visited site in Australia. Yet people just take snaps or selfies from outside and move on. The challenge was to bring them in. #comeonin did just that with its Facebook ads and live videos.

As soon as people checked in or posted on the Sydney Opera House on Facebook, they were invited in instantly and their visits were relayed live.Marketed by DDB, the #comeonin campaign proved a winner by creating awareness, generating leads and traffic and video views.With many more such interesting campaigns, Facebook remains a powerful tool to promote not only brands but also local causes.