How to create perfectly optimized content for SEO


Are you a beginner and juggling with the idea of creating perfectly optimized content for SEO?

Are you feeling that it's a difficult task to do?

Then you are in the right place. Trust me it's an easy thing to do if you go by planning and thorough research. Here is your simple checklist to follow.


1. Target keywords:

It's very important to align the content with the keyword search. Before writing the content identify the right set of keywords. One shouldn't go into creating content blindly. A plan has to be formulated around the set of keywords. Start by making a list of all the possible words and phrases for your search which has to be incorporated in landing pages. There are many keyword search tools to take help from, such as - Google Keyword Planner, SEMRUSH, Aherfs Keyboard Explorer, Moz's Keyword Explorer, KWFinder and many more.


2. Search engine friendly URL:

A search engine friendly URL is as beneficial to users as it is to search engines. To understand it's importance let's check an example:

Here are the two URL both related to a city guide to Chennai



Now see which URL will you choose for your search?

  Obviously, the first one because it has the content related to your search. According to the studies, short URLs rank better than the longer one. It should not include complex and confusing structure.


3. Content optimization:

Pages and sites that offer value-added information to searches are always given preferences by Google. To create successful content it's important to do research and planning. This can be accomplished only by determining the goals and creating content, focusing on the target audience. Thus it's really important that the content provides relevant information to the potential customers.


4. Title tag optimization:

The title tag of a page is the most important element for SEO. Target keywords are the best place to start working for title tag optimization. The main keyword should be at the starting of the title tag under 60 characters.

Let's take our previous example for a perfectly optimized title tag for Chennai city.

It should  be:

Chennai City Guide | Where To Visit, Eat & Stay In 2019

Here the main keyword is at the starting with key variations will surely increase CTR.


5. Meta description optimization:

Some people think that meta description is not at all important as Google doesn't use it as a ranking factor. But it can make a difference getting a click. It plays a vital role to get high CTR. It should be less than 160 characters. To create an effective meta description, it should have such keywords and the content that could encourage searchers to click and check it.


6. User-friendly:

The website should be user-friendly.  It should be compatible with different devices. Web pages should be checked if they are loading quickly to offer a seamless experience to the users.


7. H1 optimization:

H1 is a specific piece of HTML code that is usually wrapped around the text. It was originally meant to display that text as the largest text on the page. Now the question arises how to go for H1 optimization? Let's take our previous example:


Chennai City Guide

Chennai City Guide – Where Visit, Eat & Stay In 2018

Here we can see the perfect use of H1 which is used for the title tag.  Always double check if the title is wrapped in H1 to get the best result.

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