How does web design and development impact user


If something catches our eyes, then we tend to pursue it. In this e-commerce world, web design is a crucial element and has a huge impact. Web design is the most crucial element and has a huge impact on the e-commerce world. The success of a company depends on the site’s usability, aesthetics, and other significant roles.

Following are the few ways which impact user experience:

1. Appearance:
The first impression is the last impression and hence the design has to be attractive. Websites should never be too old-fashioned or complex. Make it simple and easy to use. No matter how attractive your design is, make sure it's updated with recent trends. Focus on the basic details like bold text, images, responsive design etc. Additionally, videos can be added to engage the visitors. Responsive web design will make the site open flawlessly.

2. Professionalism:
The website should create an impression of professionalism as people go through your site. The website should create an impression that you're respectable and trustworthy. Few elements which contribute to professionalism are- customer experience, photos of employees etc. as this would help to achieve excellence. This practice demonstrates professionalism. As visitors see your site, they would know that you care about customers.

3. Clarity:
The data on your website should be easily available and relevant. The outline of the website should be designed in such a way that visitors can easily navigate. Visitors may leave your site if the page navigation is not properly designed. Familiar navigation styles help the visitors to quickly find the information they are looking for. And drop down menu is the best one among them.

4. Loading time:
Loading time refers to the time, the users spend in waiting for the website to load. Loading time should be minimum as possible. This is one of the important factors which the search engine uses to rank your website. Web design Company will make it user savvy as most consumers access the internet in mobile. The loading time of a website can be reduced by using optimized images, avoiding white spaces and removing auto play multimedia.

5. Conversion:
Conversion is an impactful part of any website. The three principles of conversion are color, the KISS principle, and faces.

Colors play an important role in website design.Warm colors like red and yellow help to stand out and easily convert.

KISS principle: Keep it simple
Simple designs are better. Visitors can get easily converted if the website is easily organized and easy to follow. Avoid using loud backgrounds and showy graphics- keep it simple

This might sound crazy, but human faces help the visitors to relate to your business. Stock images of human figures might work at times, but works best when you use images of employees. This makes the visitors feel comfortable to contact you as they see the human side of your company.

This can go a long way in establishing trust, building a new relationship which eventually helps to earn new customers. All these concepts put together can help your site work efficiently by gaining new customers.

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