SEO vs Social Media Marketing - Which is better?


The digital marketplace isn't short of audiences nor the strategies to attract them but the million dollar question is which is right strategy to attract the right audience for your business, SEO and SMM are the two of the most powerful and impactful Marketing strategies but between these two peers which is better?

Be on Time

Timing is really important in digital marketing, if you can be there at the right place in the right time you can reach the right people your business needs, SEO may help you in long time as there is no specific time in obtaining results in SEO but in SMM the results are quick and upright moreover social media establishes a more immediate connection between the customer and the seller but there is a catch!

Roundabout Assist

Social media is great place to attract new target audiences for your business but for that you will definitely need a high quality content that is compelling and beneficial which in turn attracts more shares which in turn indirectly boost your SEO in detail social media helps SEO by generating more exposure for a website, so some must assume that what's popular on social media will also be popular in search engine but that's not true, Google has stated many times that they don't use social signals in algorithm. Social media may make your site popular but a majority of the people still uses a search engine to find answers, an SEO friendly site is also user friendly this automatically improves your search engine rankings resulting in more traffic and sales.

So, Which is Better?

Some might state that SMM is better and others might contradict however to survive and thrive in the digital marketplace you need to implement both, SEO and SMM are the titans of cyberspace, businesses and individuals need to focus on both of these to have a successful marketing campaign SMM increases brand awareness while SEO makes your brand presence online long-lasting whether it be the maturing business or an already well matured business every business requires visibility and a conduit for communicating with the audience, SMM attracts the attention of the readers and encourages them to share this, in turn, promotes your SEO by improving the chances of being found online, so don't waste time figuring out which is better instead figure how to use both SEO and SMM in a propitious way without wasting any potential opportunities in Seo Service Provider In Chennai.

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