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There are other video marketing platforms other than YouTube like Facebook and Instagram but people come to YouTube with an intent of watching videos and YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google, so that means people are looking for information that means it is a great marketing platform. Creating a YouTube is easy but promoting it to the right audience is where the Hassel starts, the following are some of the tools that help you to do just that.


Google Explore

Keyword is the basis of rankings and keyword you choose to target will determine the amount of traffic you get and Google explore is used for better understanding of keywords and remember your target keyword should get 300 searches per month to rank higher on YouTube and Google and Google explore identifies new, high traffic keywords you can utilize to rank Higher.


Keyword Density Tool

As said earlier keyword is the basis of rankings but stuffing keywords in your content is penalized by Google and may also demote your rankings so it is evident that only sufficient amount of keywords are included so that whenever someone searches related queries your video content shows up and keyword density tool helps you to confirm that you are not overusing keywords.


YouTube Custom Video Embed Generator

To promote your videos you need YouTube custom video embed generator which generates advanced embed code for your videos it includes features like social media sharing links on video, monitor the controls of the viewer, start the video from any second and loop or autoplay your video and the tool performs advanced level SEO for your videos.



The major factor of a marketing campaign is to track and analyze your stats and performance, Cyfe is a content marketing tool which has a customized dashboard that helps you to easily monitor your channels overall performance by analyzing individual metrics like views, traffic source, audience retention, and engagement.


Drum up is an SEO tool for video promotion it helps to conduct social media management across various channels by targeting the audiences across various social media channels and providing preview of your video, using this tool you can curate and distribute the right content to the right audience.


Birdsong Analytics

The main hurdle in gaining traffic is your competitors and birdsong analytics let's you to track your competitors next move by dissecting and analyzing your competitors performance by tracking their targeted keywords, length of their content and their movements, strategies, and tactics.



The right tags can enable easy discovery of your videos and vidiq is an ideal and efficient tools to increase your rankings by providing relevant tags, the score and search volume of a targeted keyword and maximizing organic search of your video by using this tool you can step up your SEO game and maximize the reach of your video.

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