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Anyone who is running an online business and wishes to be an entrepreneur should know that search engine algorithms change from time to time. Online marketing trends are ever changing. Therefore one needs to be updated with the upcoming SEO marketing trends. Here we will talk about the 6 SEO marketing trends in 2019, it will help you to be firm in competition without lacking behind.


1. Rise of Amazon and Apple search engines:

Google is indeed the first name when it comes to search something but one should never forget that now is the time to optimize the content for Amazon and Apple search engines too. The fact is that Amazon and Apple's keyword search is really important to drive traffic. Today's world is the world of mobile and around 60 percent of traffic directly comes through the mobile search only.


2. Content's quality over quantity:

The trend of search engines attention to the quality of content will be there. The amount of the content is important but the quality of the content should be such that it doesn't mislead search engines and customers. In 2019, online companies have to more attention to on-page SEO. They should create user-friendly URLs, optimizing images, internal structure, and linking.


3. Speed of the website:

It will be the most important trend in 2019. SEO tools enable to check the speed of a website. The faster a website opens the sooner the traffic increases and the website will be ranked higher in Google. Actually, a website should only take less than a second to open and it can be accomplished with the assistance of a qualified SEO firm.


4. Voice Search optimization:

Today we have technology like Siri, Google Homes, and Alexa voice search and as soon as the technology changes the users become more tech savvy. That's why statistics show that voice search 20 percent of mobile search and it will reach 50 percent in the coming year. In 2019, SEO marketing trends will include the integration of voice search optimized keywords. These keywords are usually short and inform of command and questions.

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5. Mobile friendly website:

A mobile-friendly site drives more people to an online store and to buy products while if SEO is not mobile friendly then it may possible that customers will click a back button soon and get back to a site that can be run in a mobile. It will be one of the most effective trends in 2019. One should consider mobile page speed, loading time, images and other factors for the best results.


6.  Structured data

In simple words organizing a website, data is called structured data. It allows the search engines to reach your website faster. All the information that can be seen along with the website's meta description is structured data.