The 6 common SEO mistakes need to avoid - 7 Stones


The nightmare of every site is having a poor content not only on the presentation but the bad content is a disaster. Poor content destroys the optimization of your site if your content doesn't help the users to find the information they need they are useless, common factors like keyword stuffing and invisible text can ruin the quality of the content.


Poor content:

Content is king as cited by Bill Gates, so for better structure keep your content organized and make it easy for the user to absorb information in two or three clicks, keep it easy and clear, only add relevant keywords and make it visual, the content should be solution oriented, it should solve a problem, shouldn't cause more problems Best Website Development Company In Chennai.

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Site structure:

The customer decides everything, so you need to extract a great deal of impression. A good site structure can turn visitors into customers and a bad site can turn even customers into visitors, so it is essential to identify the perfect site structure that is appealing to both users and Seo Service Provider In Chennai.

How pages are connected to each other is key and the home page should have the higher authority and it should guide the user to the other pages of the site and if this process becomes complicated then the user loses the track and may exit the site, so having a well connected pages throughout the site is necessary. Another important factor is loading time, this metrics is analyzed by the search engine and if your site takes forever to load it can affect your ranking as well as your reputation among users.


Wrong keywords:

Keyword research upfront is a great way to generate higher visitor traffic to your website, keywords are the foundation of SEO strategy and if your content is using wrong keywords and no matter how much you're spending the time to optimize you'll definitely hit rock bottom.

Rank for low volume keywords which will get relatively small scale searches, think like the customer do what are search queries that use and what information are they looking for and if you align your keyword and content properly, your content can top the ranking.


Duplicate content:

Non-original content is penalized by Google if your content isn't original then the search engine knows it, duplicate content is a group of similar content in several sites and the search engine doesn't know which content to display in the search results.

Copying content from one site to another site is discouraged by the search engines and plagiarism is the common existing problem in the digital world. Writing original content is the first step in the successful content marketing strategy and there are numerous tools to identify duplicate content.


Mobile friendly:

If your site isn't mobile friendly then Google doesn't rank you, many sites focus on desktop design that they almost forget that about 65 % of user traffic nowadays comes from mobile. Because of this shift in user preference, it is important that you design a site that works well on mobile and continues to do so.

Simple navigation, easy to read a text and eye-pleasing is the basics of a mobile-friendly website, highly responsive and fast load time can also improve the user's Mobile user experience. Google has a mobile-friendly test to see if your site is mobile friendly and if haven't done it already do it now.



Just because you designed a well performing website doesn't mean it is going to top the rankings, regularly reviewing your analytics is important for optimal results. Keep track the progress of your website to identify the type of customers that use your site and you can enrich the user experience by customizing according to their needs. Google analytics is the best tool for monitoring the traffic of your website.

SEO optimization doesn't happen overnight it takes constant effort and research and optimize your site for better structure and write good content and make your site user friendly and approachable, rather than trying big time focus on small problems and you can make your site rank among other top sites.