Ways to Measure Link Quality | Page Rank | Domain


Links are the sign that a website is suitable and trustworthy to have relevant information for certain visitors. But only linking is not enough one should check the quality of a link. Now the question arises- Why is the quality of link important?
Well, I would say that the search rating of your website thoroughly depends on the quality of the link. It increases the rating of your link in search engines. 

Now you will think how to know if a link's quality is good or bad. The best way to measure a link's quality is to ask few questions such as-

  1. Do people love to visit your link?


  1. Does the link take more time than expected to open by its viewers?


  1. Does it provide relevant information to the people?


  1. Does it take people to something useful?

  One can easily know the quality by answering these questions. Here we will talk about the most sought after tools of measurement of a link's quality.


1. Page Rank

Page rank or PR is an important tool by Google to calculate the quality of a   website. It's a Google's equation to calculate the quality of the website on 0 to 10 scale. If a website links to another website that means it is having trust in its relevancy. It wants to share it with its readers too. According to Google - linking with other websites gives  you more value. If the websites have more readers then your site will be viewed more with your link. The second thing is about the ranking by Google. For example, if you are one of the only 3 links in the search results as per ratings, it gives you more power. On the other hand, if you are at the 50th position  then there won't be any benefit for you .


2. Relevance

If a website is linking you then there are certain things you must check to know about the link's relevance. A link can be relevant in four different ways.

  1. Page to page


  1. Domain to domain


  1. Domain to page


  1. Link to page

There should be some relevance of linking  in another site, then only it can be helpful, or it's not worthy to get linked there. Suppose, your site is linked with a site who has no traffic then it can't create viewers for you as well.


3. Value addition for readers

One must check if the link is appropriate and of some use of the readers. It has to be helpful and giving proper information about the things which readers are wandering for. If it's not serving this purpose then there is no use of linking.


4. Domain authority

Domain authority is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz. It's again an important factor deciding if the link is worth obtaining. SEOmoz has created this ranking calculation to calculate the ranking of the website based on its given keywords. It's a great tool to check the relevance and authority too. It checks the website title tags and description to assure if the website is relevant.


5. Page authority

Page authority is a score developed by Moz to predict how well a specific page will rank on search engine result pages. To know about the page authority is an essential part as it can lead traffic to a website. Page authority tells about how much influence can be received from the page. High PA pages are something one should look for because they are shared by a lot of websites. If the   page is liked by many people then one can boost up its ratings and traffic by linking that page to the website.

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