5 E-commerce Design Mistakes That Could Kill Your

5 E-commerce Design Mistakes That Could Kill Your

5 E-commerce Design Mistakes That Could Kill Your

A business which showcases your brand adds value. Many elements have to work together to drive conversions. Still, many things can go wrong. Here are top 5 mistakes of e-commerce designs that kill conversion. Overcoming these mistakes can help you to provide the better user experience.

Not giving a clear value of proposition:

A clear value of propositions helps you to determine if the customers will revert back to your website. The unique feature of your product should tell customers as to why they should buy your product. All e-commerce site lacks not only in giving a clear value of proposition but also in communication with Seo Service Provider In Chennai. A brief copy is essential for every website. "An image speaks a thousand words." Use photos which can draw attention. A clear value of proposition should include a headline, a body which explains the products, advantages/uniqueness, and an image. Be direct and crystal clear in conveying your information.

A single, clear compelling message that states why you are different and worth buying.
-Steve Blank

Misguided description of product:

A product description is like sales pitch which helps the customer to understand everything regarding the product.Best Website Development Company In Chennai Products descriptions vary depending on their nature. Some products are described based on their appearance whereas other products like electronic accessories are described based on their specifications. A product generates conversion depending on the quality and description of the image. Your product description has to sound as interesting as possible.

Improper use of quality images:

In e-Commerce sites, customers can only read information about their product and not touch them. If your customers choose products based on appearance, the quality of the image plays an important role. A physical good can be easily sold when placed in the hands of the customer. Since this action cannot be performed online, the best alternative is to make them imagine. Invest in quality photos, as they are going to play an important role in moving your products. Also, images of multiple angles and 360-degree video of your product can give a better view and lead to a successful conversion.

An absence of visual hierarchy:

Human eyes perceive things which are of visual hierarchy. It lets the visitor know what to do next. Hence the size, CTA, and features of the product have to be in a clear order. Follow a clear hierarchical pattern, as it might help the users to easily navigate. Fitt's law says that bigger items draw attention easily and they are simply clickable. In order to make your product stand out, the necessary components have to be created in a larger size. Color accents can also be used here.

Lack of trust:

Winning your clients or customer's confidence and trust is an important aspect for any business. Even if you are trustworthy, it doesn't mean that your customers will believe you. In order to gain their trust follow a customer-focused approach like your site's social proofs as they play an important role here. Collect feedback, reviews, updated designs, and other interesting facts about your company, etc.

Go back to your site and check if you're making any of these mistakes. These tips aren't much difficult to implement. Adhere to the latest web design trends. Avoiding these pitfalls will not only generate sales but also add professionalism to your e-commerce site. A great way to check your site's performance is by using Google Analytics which would give detailed insights on various metrics.

In today's business world havingan e-commerce website has a lot of benefits which improves your business.