Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategy of 2017 | 7 Stones Digital


2017 has proved to be an eventful year with Trump trouncing Hillary, Demonetisation in India and the Brexit issue and so on. Amidst all this, the digital marketing world moves on doggedly trying to revolutionize its realm. In the changing face of this current year, what are the Top 10 Digital Marketing strategies to follow? Let's get started!

Analyse like an ace and perform like a pro

A long-winded e-mail with heavy jargon gets you nowhere. Complex words and lengthy phrases just make your e-mail boring.Your customer does not want to scroll down pages of text to get the message. Write like a 3rd grader with short and simple sentences that work best. Even if it is a professional letter, try to make it plain and simple unless absolutely necessary.

Analytics is going to be the mantra for Digital Marketing in 2017. Digital decisions will be based on statistics and analytical data. Customer preferences will be defined by analyzing the demographics, income levels, social profile and lifestyle- all of which account for analytics. Figures and numbers will speak louder than words and will form the base of any digital marketing strategy.

Instant and immediate is the call of the day

The next gen is always on its toes in 2017 and wishes to be part of the social media circuit in a minute. Everything has to happen in a jiffy-status updated, images uploaded, data shared - all in a minute. Move on to "in-a -minute" apps of social media-Snap Chat, Instagram, Tumblr, Imgur, Phhhoto etc....These are the places that you will get noticed instantly.

Desktops out...Mobiles In!

Mobile Apps are going to be the in-thing for everything! Desktops will become redundant soon as mobiles makeover and provide all PC features. Mobile Advertising will reign supreme as the prime influence for customer preferences.

Give an Emotional Touch

E-mails cut ice with clients only when they tend to be a bit personalized. Try to lend the right emotion to your mail. Be it just a greeting, a thank -you or something more- try to express it genuinely. Let your mail not look like the same boring epistle mundane people write. the new norm of the SEO

SEO and Keyword search will depend mainly on Geographic factors as mobiles govern user behavior. Keywords must be chosen and search results must be optimized to suit the GPS of the customer.

Niche marketing

With the digital domain getting overpopulated with data in 2017, Social Media Marketing is going to focus on the "niche". Niche segments will be identified to propel the brand through innovative ides meant to target the special group. Niche specialists will arrive on the scene to enable customer segmentation and niche identification based on lifestyle, social profile, habits, buying patterns etc of the customer.

Generalisation gives in to Specialisation

Customers are going to be more eagle-eyed and form astute opinions of their own. Brand positioning has to be handled gingerly targeting the customers specially and not en masse.

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay

The digital world has to roll the red carpet for A.I. for it is going to influence electronic devices, applications, analytics and more.

Diminishing Organic

Organic Searches on Facebook are losing their charm with a gradual decline from 16 to 6 to as low as 2% in 2017. And this prevails in other social networks too. Paid Searches are what matter these days and what you have to aim your SMM at.

Too much ...makes too little!

Customers are getting annoyed with being badgered with too much of brand and ad traffic on social media. Too much of chasing the customer on social feeds is going to offer too little conversion. So learn to make your ads not intrusive but obtrusive by keeping them short, smart and stylish on social media! Adopt these simple strategies and outline your master plan to succeed socially in 2017!

For startups even the smallest mistake can affect your business, but with the best digital marketing strategies you can be at the top.