Effective Method to Manage Your Online Reputation


People use the Internet as their first source of information and most importantly they make decisions based on them and trusts everything that is online, to say least two out of three people use Internet as their most reliable source of information and when looking for business 98% of the people read online reviews before making a decision.

These statistics will prove that whatever happens online will directly or indirectly affect your business or life, the online world is a part of our lives, whether it be your smartphone or smart TVs or integrated home systems, we spend 89% of the time being online every day.

That means there are more ways to leave a mark online both positive and negative, while positive online reputation can be beneficial in a way by creating an honest and genuine brand image that converts into business conversion and create an effective impression but a negative reputation is like a contiguous parasite that never goes easily and it can put serious damage over the long term especially if you're not aware.

Google yourself what you find is yourself and this is what people consider that's why online reputation management is evident, it is a process of using certain techniques and strategies to maintain a positive online presence and control your online conversation, the main purpose of online reputation management is to balance the actual truth to the available information on the Internet because you deserve a fair representation online and the below content will give you the knowledge and strategies to improve and protect your online representation.

How Online Reputation Management Works

To effectively manage your online reputation, you need control over the information that is available online about your business, for that, you'll need two things, create the right presence and make sure people find it.


1. Creating The Right Presence

The positive online reputation is your invisible business partner, who will work for tirelessly to make your business prosperous, that's why it’s most important, the information available on the search results is what people perceive about you, so the primary step in online management is creating the right presence on the sites you have control over.

  • Business or personal websites


  • Blogs and forum


  • For professionals and business owners, industry specific listings on third party sites


  • And various social media platforms.


2. Make Sure People Find It

To be honest, the results on the first page of the Google is only visible after that it is dead end, after creating the right presence, the important step is to make sure that people find it, that's why Reputation management is not only about creating but making sure that search engines are displaying the important contents on the top where most people will find it, there are many factors that influence the search rankings the most basics are,

  • Relevancy factor of your business


  • Backlinks from trusted sites


  • Regular update of your contents


  • A clear call to action once the users are on the site.


3. Implementing Management Strategies

Now that you have a solid knowledge about Reputation management, the remain is assessing a strategy based on your requirements and resources and effectively implementing them.


Social media platforms provide you with the valuable insights about the customer's mindset towards your business, Facebook and Twitter are the most powerful but they aren't only ones out there, consistently monitor your brand or product on each social platforms for effective social presence.


The main of presenting in social media is to be social and that's what the customers expect to cultivate a lasting relationship and respond to their queries with fast and relevant answers.


Trying to cover-up the truth Amy result in a backlash, instead be open about your mistakes and try to rectify them in, transparency builds trust and cultivates more loyal customers.

  • Social Footprint


  • Respond Promptly


  • Transparency


To Conclude

The positive online presence means being positive about you and your brand, it is not easy to gain people's trust but once you've done it, it will be something to sustain, so it is important to be honest and trustful for a successful online reputation and always remember the world is watching!

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